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Supporting our clients to achieve net zero carbon emissions through innovative carbon reduction and investment strategies




CAPA Airline Sustainability Benchmarking report, 2021

CAPA-Envest Global analysis report: Airline environmental challenges. 

The CAPA-Envest Airline Sustainability Benchmarking Report 2021 is the first single industry source of truth on emissions, benchmarking airlines and their performance.

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Aviation’s existential threat is not COVID, it’s the environment

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CAPA Live - 1 Minute Highlight
David Wills - Envest Global 


Press Release
New report highlights the costs to airlines of cutting carbon emissions - and higher price of not



Market leaders approach carbon reduction as a business opportunity, followers see it as a burden.

In 2050, the market leading global companies will have proactively led the challenge of carbon neutrality through insight, innovation, strategic partnerships and investment. Those who resisted the inevitable and chose to wait and follow will struggle to survive.

Companies need a fundamental shift in strategy response to carbon from defence to offence.

The disruption caused by carbon presents an opportunity for leading companies to emerge as business leaders through innovation and adaptation to the new market realities, rather than defend and protect a decreasingly relevant business model.  

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The climate crisis is a significant current business risk, not a future possibility.

Simply responding to government policy and meeting regulatory requirements may appear to be a sound, low-risk, compliance-based approach, but it ignores the more significant drivers of change – movement of capital to sustainable investments, customer demands and buying preferences, dynamic competitors and the physical risks of climate change. 

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Envest Global is an international carbon reduction strategy and investment management company that specialises in supporting major carbon-emitting industries to achieve competitive advantage and market leadership through the design and delivery of technically innovative and commercially savvy net-zero carbon emission strategies. We help companies harness the power of investment capital and selected partnerships to accelerate their carbon reduction while delivering market leading growth and margins. 


Our leadership team combines expertise and insight in business leadership, sustainability, capital investment and fund management, carbon reduction technologies and risk management across key industries including aviation, transport and logistics, resources, energy and power.


All companies will need to respond and adapt to the changing world and consumer market. Maintaining status quo is not an option for any business that wants to be relevant, profitable and sustainable into the future.

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Carbon Reduction Strategies

Co-creating strategic roadmaps to deliver enterprise carbon reduction goals.



Collaboration and Partnerships


Building collaborative alliances and strategic partnerships to optimise commercial outcomes in the delivery of carbon reduction goals.



Project and Technology Development


Identifying and evaluating project and technology opportunities to include in portfolio investment strategy.



Investment Strategies


Coordinating and directing investments and carbon offset allocation.



Investment Portfolio Management


Managing asset portfolios to ensure performance meets investment case.


Carbon Stress Testing

Detailed data and performance analysis to quantify an organisation’s risk or resilience to increasing carbon price and sustainability expectations.


Envest Global integrates its insight and expertise in sustainability, renewable energy, carbon reduction, capital investment and asset management.


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Oil and Gas

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Transport and Logistics

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